The top 1% in America controls the wealth and its related influence. The gap from the 99% to the 1% can seem an un-reachable destination. But the statistics indicate only 10% of Americans inherit wealth, and for generations we have heard, written and shared stories of “rags-to-riches” and the pursuit of the American Dream.

It is possible to achieve the wealth and fortune you desire if you understand how to map the path. Since few of us inherit money, the path to wealth is more often our occupation. Finding the career that affords real wealth generation can be a difficult process. Celebrity, Sports Icons or Olympic Medalists can see an instant rise in fortune and wealth, but what about the rest of us.

It is difficult to find an occupation that will generate significant wealth. The highest positions in a fast growth company, CEO level packages or CFO level wealth perks may create that level of success; but again the number of opportunities here are limited.

Own it Outright

It is more likely that real movement for most of us will come from business ownership, real estate holdings or patentable technology. It is easy to believe that a “job” with a company will provide security and financial freedom, but more likely it will maintain your current financial position and not allow the movement to the other side.

The average American has less than $20,000 to invest in the stock market, real estate or the development of a business. Since that will make wealth creation extremely difficult a road map to creating the level of fortune you desire will be necessary.

Plan to Succeed

It is said that the planning process is the most critical in moving to a new level of wealth. It is important to determine your current financial position. What do you own, what do you owe. How is this different from the level of wealth, fortune and success you hope to achieve.

Plan a strategy that will position you in a place of opportunity, an environment of wealth creation and a positive arena for fostering new ideas and businesses. People who make things happen are looking for new opportunities, new ideas and the “next big thing”.


Moving to the top 1% of wealth in America is a difficult journey. It requires commitment, positive belief, and opportunity. Where no opportunity lies it is essential to create it. Surround yourself with people who have succeeded. Attend workshop and seminars on venture capital and angel investing. Meet the people with the financial backing to make this journey possible for you. Be willing to do stay the course, commit to the purpose and never lose sight of the possibility that wealth creation is possible for you.