When you browse the internet, you might be surprised and pleased at the same time to find out that there are actually many ways how to make extra cash online. With an online money-making project, you can choose to have a second or third part time job that brings in the money without having to be formally employed. One reason why people prefer these side jobs to augment their income is because these jobs provide you the flexibility when it comes to time and resources without having to put a limit to the amount of money you can possibly earn. If you want to try how to make extra cash online, then here are the top ways to do so online.

1. Paid Surveys

By answering and completing surveys online, you can actually make a decent amount of money regularly. You simply have to sign up with one of the online paid survey websites and you can get paid for each online survey that you submit. The more surveys you complete, the more money you make. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money online is by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money when you make a sale of third-party products. This would be best applicable to those who have their own websites or blogs.

3. Pay Per Click Marketing

Another cool and easy way to make extra cash online is through pay per click marketing. You need to sign up for membership on pay per click sites. You get a fraction of a cent for every click that you make and you get to accumulate your earnings before you can cash out.

4. Freelance Writing

You can also accept writing jobs online if you have the skill and interest in writing. You can opt to write for websites or even write directly for companies. Of course, you get paid with every article that you finish and submit.

5. Web Design

Another way to make money right from your own home is to accept web design jobs. There are more and more people wanting to create their own sites and blogs and you can make money by offering your web design services.

There are dozens of great ways to earn money on the internet. The best of course are paid surveys, which anyone can do, and have great payouts!