In order to make more money, we need to first understand the essence of money itself. Would you agree? I believe that money is matter not just pieces of paper or coins. Since it is physical matter, it should be handled according to principles of physics.

In physics, there’s a law which states that any force in the universe has an equal and opposite counterpart. If an object is applied forces of equal magnitude from opposite directions, the object remains still. On the other hand, if one force is larger than the other, the object moves. Remember that money is matter. If you have a lot of money, it can be imagined that you are the stronger force between money and you. If you are often short of money, the opposite is the case.

So, I assume that your question for me now is how to strengthen the attracting force and weaken the repelling force. Correct? The material world is created by thoughts. We are the results of our thoughts. Everything starts with a thought. The clearer the thought and the image in your mind, the faster the goal is achieved. When we have clearly defined our thoughts, resources come to us automatically. Our thoughts are divided into 2 parts – the conscious and the subconscious. The power of the subconscious mind is 30,000 times greater than the conscious mind. We should strive to stimulate our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious constructs anything we wish for into a perceived reality. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between something real or vividly imagine. Once it perceives something as “real”, it eventually becomes real. As long as the image perceived by the subconscious mind is clear, our mind immediately attempts to turn this image into reality.

As soon as it is provided an image, the subconscious mind works to materialize it. Everything in our daily lives is the reflection of our subconscious minds. The thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind have made you who you are. If you want to alter your future path, you first need to alter your subconscious mind. Remember that your life is the reflection of your subconscious mind. As soon as your subconscious thinking changes, your life changes with it.

Your thoughts, once get into your subconscious, decide your future.

How do you enrich your subconscious mind, and Thereby attract even greater wealth? You must first have a dream board, and put your dreams onto it. Look at them daily until the goals are achieved. In the past, I have tried put photos of a Toyota, and then Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, and finally Rolls Royce. Believe it or not, every car was eventually realized. It’s just simply amazing, you must give it a try. The second step is constantly telling your subconscious that you are getting richer and richer. Remind yourself all the time setting up in the morning, before going to sleep, even in the bathroom, and whenever there is a blank moment in your mind. The most important key is repetition. Every time you affirm your goals is like a turn of the wheel. The more you affirm, the more frequently the wheel is turned, the farther you go, and the faster the goal is achieved. I once made an audio tape of my goal, and repeatedly played it as a reminder. Within 6 months, my monthly income increased several times, it’s incredible. Many sales people whom I have trained asked me how to improve their sales. Their sales results, I answered, were the manifestation of their subconscious minds.

First of all, they would need to create a dream board.

Secondly, look at the dream board constantly and repeatedly. I ask them that, if they read and look at their goals for 20 years, would they achieve their goals? They all say yes. So achieving goal is not a problem, the only question is time,and the diligence of the individuals of how many times they’re willing to repeat and affirm.

The misfortune of a person is likewise the result of his/her subconscious beliefs. All occurrences in our surroundings are the manifestations of our subconscious thoughts. We need to implant the desire for wealth deep in our subconscious, and let the power of the subconscious mind to realize our dreams.

It is easy to incorporate images, words, and thoughts into your subconscious mind, as long as they are repeated frequently enough. Upon waking up and going to sleep, you must fill your mind with thoughts of success and wealth. You must constantly remind yourself that you are becoming richer, your income continues to grow, and your savings are piling up. You must affirm to yourself the goals you have set, over and over again. The late giant of the steel industry Carnegie used to affirm his goals more than 1000 times a day. How about you?

Generally speaking, thirty days are required for the ideas to be fully incorporated into the subconscious.The more frequently you affirm your goals to yourself, the more receptive your subconscious mind is. Remember, however, that constant reinforcement is crucial even after the goals have been incorporated in the subconscious mind, otherwise the effects can decline quickly just like the atrophy of muscles. The training of the subconscious is the same as that of the mental muscles. A person’s words and thoughts are intimately associated. If you change the way you speak, your thinking changes as well. Never let negative thoughts out as words. Rather, always speak good things about yourself and others.

From now on, read the following to yourself 100 times a day:

1. I am becoming more and more wealthy.

2. I have always been rich.

3. My money has been piling up since birth.

4. I love to earn money.

5. I get pleasure out of earning money.

6. Earning money is fast and easy for me.

7. My income multiplies constantly.

8. My savings are increasing constantly.

9. Money is great.

10. Earning money is an easy thing.

11. Earning money makes me happy.

12. Earning money is a wonderful thing.

13. I will always be wealthy.

14. The riches roll towards me.

15. I become richer everyday.

16. Wealth continues to come to me.

17. I can easily and quickly earn and save lots of money.

18. I am happy everyday because I become richer everyday.

19. It is great to be wealthy.

20. It is inevitable and matter of fact that I am wealthy.

21. All the money in the world is attracted by me.

22. I see, hear, and feel that I am a millionaire.

Remember always to continue earning money, continue giving back to the society, keep learning and helping others. Conrad Hilton, the hotel giant, once said that the secret of life is not what you own, but what you give.