It’s one of those things that you would not think is possible. How can saving a little money by shopping online make me wealthy? In this article we are going to go over all of the numbers to prove that saving as little as $200 per month can result into a large sum of cash in 10-20 years from now.

Savings really comes down to being disciplined. You should save money regardless of your income. If you cannot save money when you are making 25K per year you are not going to be able to save money when you get to 70K per year. Trust me on this one, I always used to think, I will start saving when I make more money. I had the intent, but not the discipline. When I started making more money, it seemed like that money was already spoken for and I would never save. It wasn’t until several people at the office told me that every time I received a pay increase just use automatic deduction and send money to my 401K and savings account.

At the time it really did not seem like all that significant of an idea, but now several years later I realize how important of a decision that was. It was a great habit to start. Using auto deduction from my paycheck to put the money into savings before I ever spent it turned out to the only way I could save money. That was until I started to save money by bargain shopping online, and taking the savings and putting it into a separate account.

If you are a disciplined spender that has a monthly budget for the products that you consume every month, you can create wealth by saving online. By saving an average of $200 per month, and taking that savings and putting it in an account every month that earns 7% per year, after 10 years you will have $34,404. That a large sum of money! Albert Einstein said “The most powerful force in the universe is Compound Interest”. You really realize the power when you look at the money that you would have after saving $200 per month at 7% for 20 years. You would have $102,081. Now this is probably not enough to retire, but if you combine that with owning a home, 401K, and other savings all of them can really add up.

To save money online, there are many options. The first choice is to just use your favorite search engine and review all of the results and compare pricing. The second choice is to use a shopping comparison site. Many of these sites require the companies to submit a product feed to show up in their results. This will normally eliminate some of the junk results that you get with some of the search engines. The last option and also the best option is to pay for a discount product search tool or software. I am currently using the one available from It is meant for people that are looking to make some extra money by reselling products, but it works well if you are just looking to save on your online purchases.