I’m not going to pretend that wealth secrets are this hard to reach concept that only an exclusive few people know about. Actually, most of us are taught this simple lesson by the time that we are in kindergarten. It’s the follow-up that creates the hurdle.

Okay, I’m going to reveal the one and only wealth secret that you need to get started on the right path. It’s totally free and out in the universe waiting for you to grab it. The not-so-secret secret is do what you love. Get that one down and don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Wealth is only a side effect to a life that is lived out of love, creating happiness and success in their world. Did you know that only 1% of the American population is classified as wealthy — meaning over $1 million or more per year in earnings? Actually, there are plenty of people that may have a million dollars in assets, but very few people who actually make a million dollars in earnings every year.

Okay, do you think that only 1% of the American population is living a life abundant of love, health, and money? I’m going to place a wager that more than 1% of the population might consider themselves wealthy. Wealth secrets are totally within your reach if you start with the key: Do what you love.

However, figuring out what you love to do isn’t that simple for most people. Some of us know what it is since we are young, but others, like me, don’t figure this out until they are adults. It’s even possible that what we love will change. This is why I am such a huge advocate of living a mentored life. Sometimes, we need someone to help us through those times and provide a formulated path to achieve success.

With that in mind, it is also important to keep your focus. Achievement of your goals is the next step after you figure out what you love. You name that goal, develop a plan, and act on it in little steps until you reach your goal. If you’re goal is to save a thousand dollars in your savings account. You need to live it.

Go to the bank every week and make a deposit into your account. I don’t care if it’s a penny or a hundred dollars. After you make the deposit, tell yourself, “I just deposited $1000 into my savings account.” This puts you on the path to positively achieving your goals in an abbreviated way. Even if you don’t have the thousand, you will because you begin to live your life as if you do.

The reason that the abbreviated goal works so well is that so many times the end goal seems too out-of-reach. We end up giving up when really all it takes is a little bit of movement on a consistent basis.

This is why I say that wealth secrets can be instantly gratifying. I’m not trying to tell you that there is a get-rich-quick solution, but these little accomplishments will keep you moving in the right direction to the big goal.