The number one reason you are not rich is because of your job. Many people believe that they have to work in a job to get rich, but they don’t realize that having a job is the number one hindrance to becoming rich. If you are working full time in your job you are making it extremely difficult to get rich.

I know this is a contradictory thing to say and this will anger a lot of people. But please let me explain why you need to quit your job if you want to be rich before you get angry and stop reading this article.

Your Job Makes Your Boss Rich, Not You

When you are working in a job you are making your boss rich, not you. Your boss would not bother hiring you if you didn’t make him/her more money than they are paying you. You spend the best hours of your week making someone else rich and this gives you no time to focus on making yourself rich. When you get home from your job you don’t know how to make yourself rich, you only know how to work for money, so you will work for money as long as you live.

Your Job Stifles You

People work in jobs they don’t like because they want the security that comes with a regular pay check. The harder you work the bigger your paycheck and the more money you spend and the harder you need to work to keep up with your expenses. You job is designed to keep you working and by working in a job you are training yourself to seek after security, not freedom. In order to become rich you need to focus on attaining freedom, not security and your job will stifle you until all you can think about when it comes to money is working for money at your job. You will be scared to change jobs, or scared to invest or start a business and a life lived in fear is a live not lived.

Your Job Cuts Off Your Creativity

This is one of the main reasons I chose not to seek a full time job and job security. Your job often cuts of your creativity. Generally in the work place you are punished from making mistakes and you are advised not to make mistakes. If you make too many mistakes you get fired. This means you stop being creative and you just do what you have to do to keep your job. This then sifts into your own life and cuts of your creativity. A lot of people when they finally can afford to stop working they discover they have pushed their creativity down so long that they can’t find it anymore.

Your creativity is the number one thing that is going to make you rich. My creativity helps me find great investments, it helps me create great products, it keeps me feeling alive. The more creative I am the richer I become, so why would I work a job that kills my creativity?

Your Job Pays The Government

When you are working in your job you are working to make your boss rich and you are working to make the government rich. The last person who gets paid is you. The government now takes your taxes from you before you even get paid. It makes it really hard to get rich when you have a lot of people dipping into your pocket. When you have a business you can structure it so that you keep more (if not all) of your money, instead of handing it all over to the government. Why work January through to May to pay the government when you can pay yourself first.

Your Job Has No Leverage

The worst thing about trying to get rich through working at your job is that you have absolutely no leverage. You work for an hourly wage and you only get paid for the hours you work. You work for money and get paid for how hard you work. You leverage is 1:1. But if you have a business or investments then you can leverage other people’s time, other people’s money and technology. By using leverage you can get richer quicker because you have other people working hard to make you rich, you have money working to make you rich and technology working to make you rich. All while you just take in the cash. Working in a job stops you using any leverage and keeps you poor.