If you look at the story of any major corporation that has been around for a while most of them started of as small enterprises or businesses out of someone’s home. McDonald’s began as a small hamburger shack in the Midwest. UPS started as a small, local courier service. These corporate powerhouses all capitalized on the same principles…consumer need plus outstanding service. That is the magic formula for running a successful business.

If you are looking to take your abilities and drive and make more money you can apply these principles as well. You identify a need in the community and provide an outstanding level of service. If you love animals you can provide pet sitting or dog walking service to people in your community. If you are an excellent baker you can create unique and personalized cupcakes from your kitchen at home. Whatever your special talents you can use them to your advantage to make extra money. Whether you want to do a little extra work on the side or are hoping to grown your business into a full-time venture, by following the time-tested formula of consumer need plus outstanding service you can realize your goals.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for your business all you need to do is promote it. There are lots of free ways you can advertise and bring in new business. Websites like Craigslist.com and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter provide you with a great way to reach a large audience for free. Be sure to utilize your friends and family to spread the word. Follow these tips and you can make more money in no time.