In our time of economic calamity, it’s hard to feel secure. The average person is not facing the possibility of losing his or her job. Businesses are closing down at record levels and the news is afire with reports of how bad our economy just is. But if you are a single mom, no one needs to tell you just how bad the economy is. You no doubt know this just from living life as a struggling mom on a single income. You are no doubt looking for a bit of extra aid. You can get some extra financial help through the various government grant programs out there.

If you want to go about getting grants, you can start your search in three ways. First you can visit various government grant websites to see a direct listing of some of the grants available. The second is to find a reputable grant website that offers you the ability to search for grant. And the third is to just jump out there and see what you can find in terms of grant funding. The more work you put in the process, the more grant aid you are going to likely be able to turn up.

Now, to have any sort of chance of getting a grant, make sure you are proactive in your attempts to get a grant. That means spend as much time as possible to look for a grant. You don’t just want to half-halfheartedly send out a few grant applications. If you are trying to get grant aid, get serious about it. Spend lots of time hunting down different grant opportunities and then start to apply for as many as you can.