If you are seeking some sort of government grant program for single mothers, the good news is that yes, there are some grant programs that can help out people who have some assistance. And now for the bad news: it’s pretty hard to get an grant for individual needs. Most grants offered by the government are given to organizations and not individuals.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your search, but you need to be realistic. It’s certainly possible that you can apply for grants and receive 0 funding. However, it’s best to think of grants as a sort of sponsorship – if you get it, fantastic, but don’t rely on the fact that you are getting it.

I always tell people the best way to get a grant is to start arming yourself with as much knowledge about the subject as possible. This means do searches online for grants. Visit grant informational websites. Check out grant offers and read the details. You want to know what’s out there and what grants can and can’t do. You will also be far less likely to get scammed.

There are quite a lot of grant scams out there. For example, there was recently a report on CNN about 250 thousand people falling for the OBAMA grant scam. This is basically a grant scam that claims the government will give you thousands of dollars in free money because of OBAMA’s economic stimulus package. You are told to send a sum of money for your grant to be processed. However, no such grant exists and you are only lining the pockets of scammers.

So start your search for grants online, but always keep a wary eye out for different scams. You don’t want to find yourself getting ripped off.