The time of economic slowdown is in the favor of credit card consumers. The credit card companies have charged you lot of penalty and high interest rate. Now it is your turn to capitalize on the slow down. They troubled you lot with their recovery agents. I can understand the harassment which you have undergone. Let us now clear all the debt by using the settlement program. To use the debt settlement program precisely and for your advantage you should know the credit card debt secrets.

The settlement process is, in which both the parties (creditor and debtor) agree for the reduced amount. The reduction of the amount in you debt is totally on you. How you take up the process? You should present the case of settlement in proper way. While preparing for the settlement you can arrange for some money for now take it as 75% of your debt. So that you can clear it once the settlement is done.

The creditors are very much scared to lose all their money. You can further scare them with the bankruptcy. This will help you to get the settlement process on the fast track. There are so many debt settlement firms that help the consumers to come out of the settlement as a winner. Keep in the mind that the creditor will not want to reduce their profit by giving you debt settlement.

The Debt settlement process is a legal process and you can take help of an attorney or the settlement firm. The debt settlement firms have all the expertise and resources to get you debt reduction of 60%. As I told you to arrange for the 75% of debt amount for the settlement now you have to pay only 40% of the debt amount. You can pay the settlement firm from the rest of the amount. Overall the settlement firms will add to your advantage. They have contacts with the creditors and they use their contacts for your debt settlement process. If you have debt of 10k as unsecured surely you can opt for the settlement process for the debt reduction.