It used to be much easier to refinance/ buyout out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With the subprime lending crisis it is harder for the lender to sell subprime paper. As a result many lenders went out of business, and others no longer offer a Chapter 13 buyout. However a capable mortgage lender still has the ability to help many people buyout of a Chapter 13. The chances of being successful are increased if you a) have equity in your home, b) have at least a 12 month history of no late mortgage payments and c)have been in Chapter 13 for at least a yea

There are not many lenders who specialize in this type of loan, and it is likely that you will have more success if you find one that does specialize in bankruptcy related buyouts. The loan officer will guide you through the process. This will include coordinating with a Chapter 13 attorney to get court permission. In most jurisdictions, this is not an issue,and will be granted easily.

The benefits of getting out of Chapter 13 are many and include, lower monthly payments, speedier improvement of credit,and avoiding the expense of Chapter 13, and the hidden creditor costs and attorney fees that quickly mount up.

A competent Chapter 13 refinance specialist will help you navigate through all the Mortgage Verifications that are required. He or she will know the tricks of the trade and help navigate through issues you may have such as late payments on second trusts.

It used to be common for Chapter 13 refinance. buyouts to be fixed for inly two years. These programs have, for the most part been discontinued, and now the mortgage will usually stay fixed for at least 5 years.