It is easier said than done to find car dealers with credit after bankruptcy used car loans if you have no clue where to find them, so here are some tips to pursue in order to make the procedure go as easily as it can.

My first tip: to save yourself from potential humiliation and saving your time, it’s a good idea not to just go driving from dealership to dealership looking for auto dealers with credit after bankruptcy used car loans. Most auto dealerships are only concerned with selling cars to folks with good credit.

Another little tip: Most lenders that offer bad credit car loans only use indirect lending. Which means the dealership is an agent or representatives for the lender, so you can only get the loan through these dealerships. Looking for a lender on the internet to lend you money directly for a car is a dead end. You’ll need to find one of these dealers to obtain such a loan. Still if you have less then good credit, you should obtain a copy of your credit report from each of the Big3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union) this way if there’s any incorrect information on your report you can get it taken care of so your FICO score will be higher when you do apply for an auto loan. Although you have poor credit, you may have the chance to find a lower interest rate with a dealership that offers credit after bankruptcy.

Now let me tell you another tip: You can evade the hassle and humiliation of driving all around town looking for auto dealers with credit after bankruptcy used car loans merely by searching online and applying for a bad credit car loan through one of the few legitimate companies that offer this service to folks with bad credit. When looking for a legitimate company online, you want to look for a few things that tell you you’re dealing with a reputable company. These web sites should have at the vary least a FAQ and resource page to help guide you through the loan process and answer any questions you might have about auto dealers with credit after bankruptcy used car loans. Making sure they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau is always a good thing. Also the application you must fill out for the loan process to begin will be SSL-encrypted to guarantee the security of your private data. If you should have any questions, these companies’ web sites will have an 800# to call to talk to a real live person. (who would’ve thunk) so they can work with you to set up a budget initially, so that you will know just how much the total purchase will cost you – including car insurance, dealer fees and state taxes. With this information you can make a better buying decision. With the services these web sites offer, (for free I should add) you can buy the vehicle that best fits your needs and start to repair your credit. Just remember, buy something you know you can afford to pay on each and every month.